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Saturday Digestion
a monthly practice 
by Sabrina Huth and Nagao Akemi

You are not a machine, nor a slave to capitalist production industry. You are a divine human being. Please rest, meditate, daydream!


Our practice Saturday Digestion facilitates an open space that invites us to slow down and process the exuberant information we take in on a daily basis. As the crises of capitalism continues to intensify and our nervous systems are in danger of permanent overload we provide a clear structure of doing less and at the same time becoming more sensitive and attentive to our individual and collective needs and the ecologies we co-inhabit. We plunge into that which is not yet known and experiment with a way of co-existing that allows us to dream about post-capitalist futures. 


Saturday Digestion aims to stimulate creativity and resilience through a practice of collective resting, sharing and letting go of what is too tight or could be cleared out. Inspired by Barbara Dilley's Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) and recent research on the autonomic nervous system, each session is framed by a combination of meditation practice, movement practice, verbal/non-verbal individual reflection and collective exchange. 


The participants' needs, interests, wishes, and means of artistic expression actively feed into the process. Based on the embodied experience we discuss the potential of active rest as a political action against the capitalist culture of working hard to the point of exhaustion and its associated social injustices. 

Sabrina Huth and Nagao Akemi are Berlin based dance artists and choreographers who met during their studies at HZT Berlin. Thriving within a strong artistic collaboration they have been developing a contemplative movement practice in which they explore active rest as a source of inspiration and form of resistance. Since 2020, they co-facilitate regular Saturday Digestion sessions within different settings such as at Ponderosa Stolzenhagen,Tanzfabrik Berlin, Studium Generale UdK Berlin and HZT Berlin.

Our practice will take prace

every 2nd Saturday


Location: Jahnstraße 87, 12347 Berlin-Neukölln
Fee: Donation around 5 Euro for studio costs

What to bring:
nkets, yoga block, yoga matt etc. for meditation,
notebook, pen for selfreflextion,
comfortable clothes for moving,

& water.

As we have limited spots please register via email.

We are looking forward to “digesting” with you!

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