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durch | glas

durch___glas (Original) - frame at 31m22s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 0m17s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 1m5s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 2m32s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 15m1s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 19m43s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 18m20s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 22m17s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 23m24s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 28m44s
durch___glas (Original) - frame at 33m13s

still images from the video documentation by Valentyn Medvediev and Kostyantin Rohov

durch | glas

a performance piece
duration ca 35 min 

premiere 16.04.2022
at BHROX bauhaus reuse, Berlin

Music   Giovanni Verga
Choreography   Nagao Akemi
Performance   Fani Papagiannopoulou
Costume   Krista Kartunnen

Light and Stage   Hannah Grimme

Video   Valentyn Medvediev and Kostyantin Rohov
Sound  Nikolay Antonov
Curated by Hannah Grimme

“Durch|Glas” is a site-specific work which has been developed in response to the venue and its architectural context of functional modernism: The BHROX bauhaus reuse, a glass pavilion made from old façade elements of the Bauhaus Dessau. During a period of research, the glass material of the building has been examined in its physical and metaphorical nature. The site produces a unique timbre through its materiality and thus is transformed into a musical instrument on a macro level. The performer uses physical gesture as another way of communicating through glass. The physical space due to its nested structure, becomes a resonating body and creates a visual-tactile sound experience which varies as the audience member moves freely within it.

This project is kindly supported by the initiative neue musik e.V.

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